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Driver walks unhurt from milk tanker which smashed into side of HOUSE

A driver and homeowner amazingly escaped unhurt after an articulated milk tanker smashed through the side of a house.

The Wincanton milk haulage truck ploughed through the wall of the house in Aylesbury, Bucks, at 9.30am on Wednesday morning, police said.

The driver walked from the vehicle smash completely unhurt, but bizarrely said afterwards he 'couldn't remember' how the crash happened.

Fire crews said there were no reported casualties, and that the tanker was empty at the time of the crash.

Resident David Rhodes and his children were reported to be out of the house during the accident.

Both the driver and homowner were not hurt after the bizarre crash in Aylesbury. (Rex)
The driver bizarrely claimed he 'can't remember' how the crash happened. (Rex)
A picture from inside the house shows the damage the tanker smash caused. (Rex)
Mr Rhodes said: 'There's a great big hole in the side of my house and we've got nowhere to live.

'It's beyond belief. I've got two children and it's Christmas next week. I felt like crying a little while ago but I’m fine now.'

Wincanton confirmed the milk tanker was their vehicle, but would not say where it was traveling to or from.

A spokesperson said: 'The health and safety of our employees and the general public is of paramount importance to Wincanton, and we will be helping the police with their investigation.'

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